Why is Right Now the Best Time to Commit?

There are many factors to any type of success.  There might be things you need to learn, tasks you must complete or people who have to help you along the way.  There is no one path for every goal.  However no matter what you hope to achieve there is one thing you cannot succeed without.


If you truly have an objective, a target you want to hit, you must commit yourself or it will never happen.  Life will get in the way.  Other priorities will come up.  It will gather dust, half finished, waiting for you to get back to it or worse, these conflicts might even move you further from the goal.

But if you commit, sincerely commit yourself 100%, you can achieve anything.

Right now is the best time.  There is no time that will ever be better.  If you truly want to do this then start, but don’t try; DO it.

Decide today what you want to achieve and commit. Write it down. Put a date you will achieve your goal on your calendar. Announce it on social media. Plan a party to celebrate the completion of your goal, even if you haven’t started.

Once you commit, you will find a way to succeed.

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