Do What You Love

I have always wanted to be a writer. From the time I was a little girls I loved reading and dreamed of being the person who created the books I loved. I wrote stories, then bound them together in collections of short stories. My mother kept a couple and I have them now.

More than 30 years later I’m finally making my dream come true. Last April I published Thriving Not Surviving: Bravely Pursue a Life That Will Blow Your Mind!. I am working on a novel.

And now, the book I’ve been working on with my sister has officially been released on Amazon! I don’t know where this road might take me but I love the journey I am on. Links to our book are below (click the image to go to Amazon). There is more to do in order to promote these, and that in itself isn’t a small task. But I feel like I’m moving forward, making progress on my dreams. I’m thrilled to share this journey with all of you!

Available in paperback:

Or for Kindle:

We have also made a companion journal available. I’m particularly excited about this as it will help parents follow the process on their own and provide enough space to record everything they need in one place: