I challenge you to commit yourself without hesitation

The first step to reaching any goal is to commit yourself to it.

Life is busy and many of the things we want to achieve get lost in the daily tasks we each have to accomplish. Between work, taking care of a home and family sometimes it may seem like there’s no time left for anything else. Yet if we want more than what we have right now, we need to find the time.

I have achieved many things in my life, but in every case I have struggled until I did one thing. Until I actually committed myself 100% to any of my goals, the competing priorities that popped up every day would sabotage any progress I was making.

Take reaching a healthy weight for example. Like many people my weight has gone up and down over the years. I know how to reach my goals, but life gets in the way. I am aware I need to limit my calories, however many social and networking events I attend involve food. I understand I need to track my calories so that I am more aware of what choices I’m making, but some days I get busy and might not have the time to look up every item that was in the dish I had for dinner. I realize I need to increase my physical activity, yet sometimes an extra hour of sleep does me more good than running on the treadmill.

Every day we are faced with countless choices. Our priorities change based on what’s immediately in front of us at any given moment. If you’re not 100% committed to losing weight, and a friend invites you to a free dinner at an expensive restaurant, your desire to save money and enjoy new experiences may rule over your goal to lose weight.

Identify Your Reason Why

It is impossible to truly feel committed to something if you’re doing it for someone else, or because you feel like you have to, or because other people are doing it. If you have a goal, it should be one that you sincerely want to achieve for yourself. What is your personal reason for embarking on this journey?

Define it in concrete terms. How will your life be different once you reach your goal? Why is this important to you? Why should you do this right NOW?

When I was able to commit to losing weight, it began after a 2 week trip to NH to visit family. I had been gaining weight slowly during the months leading up to the trip, and while there I did not eat wisely. I gained more than 5 pounds in the 2 weeks I was gone. But it wasn’t the numbers that provided the motivation. The entire time I was gone my always temperamental back hurt worse than it had hurt in a long time. I had a hard time enjoying any activity and could barely sleep because I was in so much pain.

I knew that if I weighed less, my back would hurt less. It’s a pretty obvious fact that when you are carrying less weight your bones and muscles don’t feel the same kind of stress. There was a direct correlation between the way I was eating and the way I was feeling.

And I desperately wanted to change the way I was feeling.

The day I returned I began my weight loss journey and I have lost 27 pounds in 3 1/2 months. I have about 9 pounds left to go but I know it will come off…it hasn’t been a struggle at all for me to stick to making healthy choices. I know why it’s important to me to do this, and so I do.

What’s your reason for changing?

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